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RNS Electroniccentrifugal switch – Nospark, longlife, andsmallsize!
Low cost and applicable – 50HZ/60HZ applicable, 246 pole applicable

Performance comparison between electronic centrifugal switch and mechanical centrifugal switch

Characteristics of ECSCharacteristics of mechanical centrifugal switch
Working principle: The starting rotating speed of the motor is determined based by the current, the voltage, and the phase of motor, and if the motor’s rotating speed reaches 72% - 83% of the rated, the ECS will be cut off, and if the speed drop to arround 40% of the rated, the ECS will cut in.Working principle: As for a mechanical centrifugal switch, the rotating speed is determined based on its own centrifugal force, and if the motor’s rotating speed reaches 72% - 83% of the rated value, the mechanical switch will be disconnected by the centrifugal force , and thus the motor will start and run.
50HZ/60HZ applicable, 2/4/6 pole applicableMechanical centrifugal switches are selected according to the pole number, frequency, and bearing size of the motor, which is likely to form an inventory and increase the cost of purchasing, management and so on.
High consistency!
Long life(more than 1M cycle)
Low consistency!
Short life
No spark, no contact, and explosion-proof; free of any impact of dust, oil, water, or debris;Failure of sticky contact; Failure of mechanical; Arcing; Dirty contact by sticky oil, dirt;
Save the axial dimension and make the motor size smaller, which will improve the heat dissipation of the motor ( reduce 5-10 degrees ).Special axial space ( large size of the motor).
Easy to install !Easy to use!Can be put at any location outside of the motor.Needs professional skilled workers;
Customized and unique product, which can effectively improve product profitability;High competition and low margin
High costLow cost
Values brought to clients:
Low motor life operating costs (low material consumption, short working period, low repair rate, low repair cost, a small number of scraped products at abroad, etc.), high profitability after product differentiation, high quality, good reputation among clients, and so on.

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