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Shenzhen RENAISSANCE Technology Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen RENAISSANCE Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2005. Renaissance focus on the ECS product from 2005. Renaissance offer the best ECS for the Motor factory, the pump and other Machine.

Renaissance offer the value added product for the customers such as Siemens, Kohler, GM, Bosch, Sumitomo, Iwata, RE-BO, ABB, etc...!


Currently,  RNS  electronic  centrifugal  switches  have  been   used  in  such  industries  as  water  treatment,   food machinery, building material machinery, vacuum pumps, explosion-proof motors, pressure washers, air compressors, woodworking machinery, stone machinery, oil pumps, washing machines, dryers, and common motors.

Motor control panel application:Garbage processor control panel, meat grinder, and noodle machine, mixer, cranes, elevators, pipeline equipment and other equipment you want to use!

Renaissance also offer customized control board with ECS for Motor customer.

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